Cat not included in final recording

Cat not included in final recording

Taking a break from the boards for the next few months to record two new Audiobooks.

S.I. Taylor’s The Scarlet Romance: A Greek Paranormal Series is a fantasy romance novel reimagining the Greek gods living in our modern era. A great conspiracy is uncovered among the gods of Olympus, and it is up to the god of the underworld to put the pieces together in hopes of bringing an eternal war to a peaceful end. For lovers of fantasy, romance, the paranormal, and Greek mythology.

Clyde Dowell II’s That There Las Vegas! tells the story of three groups of friends: The Dogleggers, The Brothers, and The Cali Boys, in a literary love letter to America’s most sinful city, Las Vegas. Following their hilarious escapades the story reflects on the value of friendship… in the face of A LOT OF ALCOHOL.

I’m having a great time in the booth with these two wildly different stories. They will available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes in late Spring!