Reviews for DTC's Deferred Action are in!

"The role of Dale was conceived by DTC company member Steven Michael Walters but it might as well have been written for Brusasco, terrific as one of those politicians you can’t stop watching even as the latest train wreck that comes out of his mouth is bigger than the previous one."  - Mark Lowry, and the Star Telegram

"...charismatic and darkly funny..." - Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News

"Michael Brusasco plays Jenkins with unabashed abandon, perfectly calibrated smarminess, and enough mangled Spanish pronunciations to send the audience into groans of mirth." - Alexandra Bonifield, American Theatre Magazine

"Counterpoint Michael Brusasco ... as the Republican conservative Dale Jenkins ups the ante while engaging in political rhetorical bantering. While it would have been easy to reduce Jenkins to a caricature, this is not the case ... Brusasco’s Jenkins makes those of us familiar with the nuances of the Bible Belt that a dream can change lives if interpreted as a message from God."  - Theresa Marrero, Theater Jones

DEFERRED ACTION runs at Dallas Theater Center until May 14th.