Deferred Action at DTC is up and running

The world premiere of DTC’s collaboration with Cara Mía Theatre Co., Deferred Action focuses on Javier Mejía, one of the immigrants known as Dreamers who arrived in the USA as an undocumented minor. Now, after years in the States, he finds himself caught in the tangle of existing immigration laws, new presidential policies and the harsh reality of living in the shadows. Javier hopes that temporary administrative mechanisms like Deferred Action will be the answer to his dilemma. But will hope be snatched away? Can politicians who say they are the Dreamers’ friends be trusted? Deferred Action follows the lives, loopholes, and dangers of those who dare to dream. 

I was a last minute addition to the cast, learning one of the lead roles in just under 7 days.  It was an incredible challenge: I am proud of all the work this group has done.  If you are in the Dallas area, come check it out!